Monday, 14 April 2014

Homework T2W4

SS- Read textbook on the Iraq Kuwait war
SS- Do page 14 and 15
History- Note research (Refer to your school email)
Sign that medical declaration form

Maths Integration Homework 3
Chemistry Assignment (Organic chem)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Homework T2W3

SS File
History File
English File
Physics File
Math Differentiation Assignment 6 Qns 1, 3.
Bio Activity 2
Geography- Describe and explain tourism impacts (document)
CL- Handout

History SBQ
History SEQ (Someone post this?)
HCL 综合填空 + other worksheets
HCL page 42-45
Integration Homework I (1c, 3, 7)
Integration page 9, 10, 11

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A special heads up

Please file your chemistry notes into the chemistry file (aha) and hand it up tomorrow, 3rd April.
Dear All,

Pls submit Chemistry Theory Files by 3 April 2014(Thurs), 2pm.
Please leave them in your class, I will come by to take a look from 2pm onwards.

Take note of the following before submission:

1. Content Page
- update date of each piece of work in file
- record grade of each piece of work under Remarks column
- should there be any missing item, photocopy from your friend and update under remarks column : "photocopied from __(name)__ from (class)"

2. Include dividers for each topic
- post-it notes can be accepted as dividers

3. There should be no practicals filed in
- file practicals into SPA file

Chemistry leaders, kindly place a class list on the side bench for your friends to sign against their name to indicate submission.

Those of you who have submitted your files, kindly collect them back from your class pigeon hole.

You should be able to get your files back by next week.